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Mega Gelegenheit . und ich hab keine Zeit.....

Christoph Chasse
, 02.09.2019

Liebe Kollegen,

es tut so weh - da kommt EINMAL im Leben die MEGA-Gelegenheit endlich mal KUNST stattfinden zu lassen - und ich hab keine Zeit! Grade erreicht mich diese email:

Hello Christoph,

my crew and I are about to shoot a scene of a hilarious comedy feature.

Our aim is to give newbies to the business the chance to find a way into it.

Therefore we are working on a voluntary base to cut down costs and focus on the story and the art itself. Call it guerrilla or independent filmmaking, but we want to show that even a low-budget movie can hit like a blockbuster.

We assembled all the talented people who bring a film to life.The only thing missing is you.

Someone with experience in this area. Ready to tackle a challenge.

I put you the scene in the attachment and would love to hear your thoughts.

Kind regards,

Liam Lake

P.S I put you into my prayers if you even have your own equipment.

Also, wer eigenes Equipment hat, fr den wird auch gebetet. Ansonsten blo Expertise mitbringen und den Newbies ne Chance geben. Wer Bock hat, ich leite Eure Bewerbungen gerne an Liam weiter.......
Bichen sprachlos aber dennoch amsiert gfrt aus BErlin