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Outline Of Duties: DIT

Job description: Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)

(also Digital Film Technician (DFT), Camera Supervisor, Camera Consultant, Digital Camera Consultant (DCC), Digital Camera Supervisor (DCS), HD Supervisor (HDS), Digital Imaging Supervisor)

Preliminary remarks:

The increasing digitalisation of individual steps, as well as of the whole of the process of image recording or image processing, and the corresponding changes in means and forms of production have an influence on the work of the director of photography that is not to be underestimated. At the same time there is increasing pressure on all departments to produce ever more quickly and efficiently.

Digital production often needs an additional, appropriately specialised, person in the camera department who takes over new additional tasks and advises the team.

If necessary, s/he can carry out preliminary technical quality checks of the recorded material already on location. This does not replace the final technical control of the image material in post-production but can contribute greatly to production safety with the aim of assuring the best possible technical quality of the digital film records.

The DIT is an independent specialised technician and adviser of the camera department. S/he supports the camera crew in their technical creative work using an electronic camera. S/he works during preparation as well as during production and can act as a link between location and post-production.

Professional background and prerequisites:

Up to now, no recognised training exists in Germany.
The DIT has

Duties and activities:

Preparation: During shooting: