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Outline of duties: Assistant Cameraman

Opening remarks
The camera assistants job is both an independent profession and a useful steppingstone to the position of Director of Photography. The first camera assistant is the responsible technician in the camera team and one of the most important collaborators of the Director of Photography.

Duties of the first assistant cameraman
The duties of the first assistant include the practical, technical, and (to some extent) organisational work involved in the production of films and videos. This requires theoretical and practical expertise in the following areas:

Activities of the first assistant cameraman
The activities and responsibilities of the first assistant encompass (in the order of the production phases preparation, filming, and postproduction):

Duties and activities of the second assistant cameraman
The most important task of the second camera assistant (or clapper loader) is the secure handling and management of the recording material. In addition, the second assistant helps the first assistant in all technical and organisational matters.